Omnia    [ohm-nee-ah]


  1. Perfection; A scale used to describe sheer perfection

  2. All things, everything; Perfect

Omnia e-Liquid’s innovations are revolutionizing the vape world; but to this day, our legacy is not defined by our current accomplishments, but by a commitment to looking ever ahead.


  • Naming “Omnia e-Liquid” and “e-Liquid Perfected” was a bold decision. However, it was a decision that we can stand by with the up-most conviction. At Omnia, we are always striving for perfection and will never settle for less.  As you will see, the names of all of our flavors will tie into the meaning of Omnia, “e-Liquid Perfected”. We will never put any product on the shelf if we do not absolutely feel the flavor has been perfected.
  • Our master lab technicians have worked diligently for many months hand-crafting and perfecting three very fine flavors. Equal parts art and science, it is an approach that will forever change the world's appreciation of e-liquid.
  • We use only USP / food grade ingredients and the top premium pharmaceutical grade nicotine. We use only the top of line ingredients sourced both domestically (nationally) and locally. All liquid is made in the USA, locally in Southern Nevada. All flavors are described precisely with undisclosed added flavors to not disclose our proprietary/secret blends. All of our blends result in a 90% VG / 10% PG combination without comprising the full flavoring. We have crafted the VG/PG blend to give our vapors the best of both worlds. Smooth, extravagant flavor hit, with a nice very full cloud. Omnia’s flavors come in 30mL and 120mL bottles. Flavors are extracted from top of the line ingredients and we offer each flavor in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine doses.
  • We are excited to announce our new flavor - TWIRLY POP 60mL "Your favorite rainbow lollipop" just added to our collection of amazing products.

Omnia e-Liquid is “e-Liquid Perfected”



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